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We’re passionate about using data to demonstrate effectiveness, ensure accountability, and facilitate learning.

We empower our clients with evidenced-based solutions.

We’re passionate about using data to demonstrate effectiveness, ensure accountability, and facilitate learning.

We empower our clients with evidenced-based solutions.

We support our clients’ transformative health and wellness initiatives with a full range of services. Our evaluation consulting work informs program design, identifies opportunities for improvement, and helps our clients plan for the future.

How We Work

Flexible to fit client needs

No one-size-fits-all approach here. We tailor every evaluation to meet our clients’ needs.

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  • We plan evaluations and create program frameworks, like logic models and theories of change, that help organizations move forward strategically.
  • We use qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method designs and are experts in a range of data collection methods, from interviews and focus groups, to surveys and observation.
  • We offer both formative and summative evaluations, focused on process, outcomes, and/or impact.
  • We provide in-depth qualitative analysis and advanced quantitative analysis.
  • We help clients navigate their increasingly complex and systems-focused environments using a variety of approaches, like developmental and principles-focused evaluation.

Hyper-focused on utility

Our clients use our evaluations to plan, make decisions, and move their programs forward.

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  • We ensure evaluation findings are accessible and easy to digest by using a variety of reporting techniques and data visualization strategies.
  • We help clients make use of their findings with roundtable discussions, hands-on activities, and other techniques.
  • We help organizations integrate evaluative thinking into their culture and organizational processes through workshops and trainings.

Innovative and full-service

We deliver rich, meaningful data and cost-effective solutions.

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  • We develop and maintain secure web-based applications to streamline data collection and automated reporting.
  • The applications produce customized, automated dashboards and reports that allow for real-time progress tracking and instant feedback.
  • We boost survey response rates and data quality with our custom-built, mixed-mode survey management system and innovative strategies.

Commited to quality and professionalism

Ethics are a big deal to us. So is quality. Our commitment to our clients is unwavering.

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  • Every client benefits from our collective experience, thanks to our team-based collaborative approach and our team’s diverse and extensive backgrounds in evaluation, research methods, and public health.
  • We ensure projects run smoothly no matter where our clients are located, using proven meeting facilitation and project management strategies.

Pro Bono Evaluation opportunity

We are looking to provide pro bono evaluation services to a non-profit organization in Minnesota working in public health or human services. If you have a clearly defined program with key questions to be answered, we may be able to help!

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Ready to get started?

Whether your evaluation needs span six months or six years, we’re ready to partner with you. Many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years — because they rely on our skilled team for evaluations they can use and results they can trust.

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"Since 2000, PDA’s evaluations of QUITPLAN® Services and health systems change initiatives have given us timely, high-quality information to help us better understand our programs, allowing us to be more efficient and effective. The entire PDA team has an impressive set of knowledge and skills. We wouldn’t have been as successful as we’ve been without PDA."

Paula Keller, Director of Cessation Programs

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Evaluation & Learning Team

Our dedicated and talented evaluation and learning team is united by a common desire to improve communities.

Harlan Luxenberg

Harlan Luxenberg

President & CEO

Julie Rainey

Julie Rainey

Vice President

Melissa Chapman Haynes

Melissa Chapman Haynes

Director of Evaluation

Amy Kerr

Amy Kerr

Director of Evaluation

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Facilitating learning for a health equity-focused community grant program

PDA's evaluation helped the Hawai'i Community Foundation share successes and opportunities in serving priority populations.

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Using principles-focused evaluation with a complex, multi-grantee initiative

PDA used a principles-focused evaluation framework to guide our evaluation of a statewide initiative to prevent chronic disease.

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Using responsive evaluation to provide a coalition with actionable insights

PDA's responsive evaluation and data visualization techniques provided useful reports to Ohio’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program.

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Our Clients

Our evaluation team partners with state health departments, foundations, and nonprofits. These are a few of our valued partners.

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