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Custom Software Applications

Client-focused applications for data collection and reporting

We translate clients’ visions into easy-to-use, robust applications they can depend on for all their data needs.

Our applications save our clients’ time and resources.

We translate clients’ visions into easy-to-use, robust applications they can depend on for all their data needs.

Our applications save our clients’ time and resources.

We build powerful, secure web applications for collecting complex data and creating intuitive reports and dynamic displays. Our custom applications support and enhance our evaluations, as well as serve clients with data collection needs.

How We Work

Enterprise-level software design and development

We build flexible, scalable applications with the user's needs in mind.

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  • We start by asking questions and listening closely to the needs of our clients.
  • Our solutions combine a pleasing user experience with strong back-end performance and stability.
  • We build on an open architecture to allow for future flexibility and extensibility.
  • We use the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Core for projects large and small. This allows us to build applications on a solid, world-class foundation while maintaining control and flexibility.
  • Our applications are scalable and web-based, providing easy and reliable access across organizations nationwide.

User-friendly reports and dashboards

We provide instant access to meaningful data.

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  • We’ve been building dynamic, automated reports for over 15 years.
  • Our custom dashboards and complex automated reports can calculate statistics, analyze data, and provide content-specific charts, graphs, or narratives automatically.
  • We help clients design reports that are useful to them, drawing on our extensive background in data analysis.

Accessible applications and data collection forms

We remove barriers to collecting data.

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  • We create applications that meet or exceed Web Content Accessibility 2.0 Guidelines.
  • Our online data collection forms are designed to be mobile-responsive so data can be collected consistently across browsers and devices.

Automated data transfer

Our custom-built data transfer and ETL apps retrieve and process data automatically.

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  • We create solutions that enable two-way data transfer and outcome reporting.
  • We have the expertise to integrate with a wide variety of external systems.
  • PDA-Exchange, our in-house eReferral application, processes electronic referrals from hospitals, clinics, and county health departments and routes them to the appropriate service provider.

Security and privacy

Our secure technical and administrative safeguards protect clients’ data at all times.

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  • We custom build all software and don’t use third parties for data handling.
  • Our databases are stored in our onsite data center. We always know where our clients’ data rests.
  • We do regular security audits to ensure compliance with data security best practices.

Ready to get started?

We’re ready to partner with you on your custom software development needs. Our clients appreciate the secure, user-friendly applications we build.

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"The PDA team worked closely with us to develop a tool that will reduce the workload of the BARR team immensely while creating reports that are quickly produced and higher in quality than we have ever had before."

Rob Metz, Deputy Director


Technology & Web Development Team

Our dedicated and talented technology and web development team is united by a common desire to improve communities.

Steve Strand

Steve Strand

Chief Software Architect

Vincent Yoong

Vincent Yoong

Senior Project Manager II

Andy Raddatz

Andy Raddatz

Director of Software Development

Mitch Ellingson

Mitch Ellingson

Senior Developer I

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PDA developed a simple and secure web reporting application that has been used for over a decade – allowing customized reporting of a fax referral system.

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Our Clients

Our technology and web development team partners with state health departments, foundations, and nonprofits. These are a few of our valued partners.

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