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PDA authors NAQC issue paper, presents at conference

Last month, Anne, Becky, and Julie presented at the North American Quitline Consortium’s (NAQC) conference in Atlanta, GA. The conference was a great opportunity for the quitline community to come together to discuss the future of quitlines and hot topics, such as electronic nicotine device systems (ENDS), e-referrals, and the quitline’s role in treating tobacco users with mental health and/or behavioral health issues.

Anne’s presentation was a sneak peek into a recently released NAQC issue paper on how to calculate NAQC quit rates, which can be found here. NAQC invited PDA to author this issue paper with recommendations for how to calculate standard NAQC quit rates, which quitlines in the US and Canada will use to assess and improve their performance. In her presentation, Anne focused on key changes in the recommended NAQC standard quit rate, including how to handle participants who receive web- or text-based cessation treatment, how to handle electronic cigarette users, and options for gathering high quality quit rate data on a limited budget. The room was filled with quitline managers and researchers who had a lively discussion about the challenges and best practices of measuring high quality quit rates.

Becky’s and Julie’s presentation provided strategies to improve survey response rates and data quality. Getting a strong survey response rate is important because it helps to ensure that the evaluation data is a good representation of all of the participants who used the program. Becky and Julie provided concrete examples of strategies related to study design, working with vendors, and survey methods, along with cost implications of each strategy. They also reviewed how to pick the best mix of strategies to balance cost and effectiveness. See an image of their handout below.


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