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Effectiveness & cost implications of adding a web mode to phone surveys

Contributing staff: Becky Lien

Last week, Becky Lien presented at the 2015 conference of the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers (AAPOR). The conference took place in Hollywood, FL and attracts a diverse group of attendees: political pollsters, market research firms, methodologists from academia, and survey practitioners.

Becky presented a paper comparing a web+phone follow-up survey strategy to a phone-only strategy; she looked at both effectiveness and cost of the two strategies. She found the web+phone strategy was more effective than the phone-only strategy: web+phone produced a higher survey response rate and did a better job of recruiting younger people to respond to the survey. In addition, for surveys that require around N=140 completes per month, the web+phone strategy was also more cost-effective.

Hot topics at the conference included Big Data, non-probability samples, and multi-mode survey strategies. Becky returned from the conference with some great ideas for PDA to test in our surveys.

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